Soup on Pizza

The past week with you has been so fun and special. I can't believe how close we are and how much I really like you. You are so nice to be around. 

Yesterday, we went to the school to select your classes, meet your principals and counselor, and tour the facility. Everything went so well. 

The school is AMAZING. So beautiful. It made me want to attend! 

Your counselor, Julie, is the sweetest, most caring woman EVER. She really has an interest in her students and works hard to make things as best as she can for them. She is a Godsend.

After our meeting we went to a restaurant nearby for some lunch. As we were eating I noticed that, like me, you will put anything together for food. You put your cream of vegetable soup on your pizza! I smiled, wondering how I got so blessed to have found another crazy eater like me. 

The cutest thing was when I mentioned it to you, saying, "no one would put their soup on their pizza... except me", you replied, "l learned from you." :)

I love you. 

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