loving you

I don't know if I am just this much better at loving now than I've been in the past, 
or if you are just this easy to love... but I am in love! :)

I can't believe how well we fit together. You are a perfect match for our family. 
You're so good to Zeek and he likes you so much. 
Greg thinks you are so wonderful and sweet. And you and I are SO alike.

You are so fun to be around. I love when you smile and laugh. 
I love the way you tell stories, and the way you listen with so much compassion. 
You're up for any adventure, but you love a day of movies and games just the same 
as long as there's food involved. Like I said, we are SO much alike. 

I couldn't be happier right now. 
I love you so much, Sari. 

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