A Good Sunday

Today we had our first "bond-fire" together in the backyard.

You have never had marshmallows in your life, 
so of course we roasted marshmallows
and you enjoyed your first smore, ever!

We also cooked apples, onions and hot dogs over the fire.
I accidently used pepper that we not hot raw,
but burned your face off once they were cooked. 
I felt so badly for you.
You do NOT like spicy foods.
I ate yours.  :)

 We also went over the questionnaire that AFS gave us.
Who cares about rules and expectations right now?
We're just so happy to have you.
Not to mention you are perfect! :) 

After our fire, we went to our Sunday gathering with our best friends.
You had already met Beth and Levi, 
but this time you were able to meet their kids, 
and Robert, Erika and two of their kids.

It was the most beautiful afternoon. 
The weather was great. The kids were all happy.
The food was delicious, as always.

You mentioned to me later that you thought it was strange
that we ate strawberries in whipped cream, 
followed by salty cheese bread,
followed by more sweet strawberries
and so forth.
You said that in Paraguay you eat all the salty food at once,
and then you eat the sugars. 

You also said that when you go back you will do like we do, 
and people will think you are strange for it. :)

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