Sleep Over

This weekend, you had a sleep over with four other 
foreign exchange students from your school.

You all went to the football game,
and then came back to our house for the night.

There was lots of giggling, talking, eating, and 
photograph taking...

You all watched a movie before passing out for the night.

In the morning, you all had a incredible 
wholesome, amazingly delicious...
oh, sorry

...you had breakfast together. ;)


Blaser's Acers

This weekend we went to Blaser's Acres up the road.

 I could not WAIT to take you here for fruits and veggies
and pumpkin picking! 

You are Zeek searched for and selected your own pumpkins.

We also each picked a smaller pie pumpkin. 

Zeek played some games
and agreed to smile for a couple of pictures. :)

Then we returned home, where we later
opened up, cleaned out, and cut faces into 
our carving pumpkins. 

At night, we went out to light candles inside
the carved pumpkins in the dark. 

This was not only your first time, 
but also Zeek's! :)



This weekend was Homecoming. 

Your school had some festivities 
throughout the week to celebrate.

On Friday night, you, Zeek, and I 
went to the football game.

Saturday, you met with some friends 
to get ready, eat, and go to the 
dance together.

I came to take pictures when you were all ready to go.

You all looked so pretty and cute.

You had so much fun
dancing the night away!


"Kevin's" Birthday

Last week we went to the Timber Lodge,
and area indoor water resort,
for Zeek's Birthday.

We stayed over night and had a great time 
swimming, playing Sequence, 
and enjoying our time together.

Zeek's best friend, Jaymee, also came with us.

And Zeek actually insisted that we call him "Kevin" 
the entire time. :)

 My brother, Tony, surprised us with a visit.
We all went to Chili's for dinner after we left the resort. 

It was a very fun few days!