Wrapping it up in NC

The rest of the time we were in NC we laid low, relaxed, 
hot tubbed, ate and enjoyed our visit. 
Greg flew home to return to work mid week, 
and you, Zeek, and I stayed a few days longer.

Kitty Zeek and Gra made cookies, of course.

Zeek played with his toys.

Zeek and Gra played outside.

You and I sat on the porch and enjoyed the warm sun.

We made lots of cards...

and a great big mess of Gra's office!

And then there were the lakes.

Just up the street from the house there are two small lakes
with wooded trails all the way around each one. 

We all went and walked around them. 
Even the dogs.

We walked around to the dock.

We hung out by the water.

Zeek used his science kit stuff to 
aid in his explorations.

You even got in on the fun with him.

You carried your first spider, ever. 
A daddy long legs. 

We took photos. Of course. 

Gra and Pepere sure loved having us in one of their places. 

We were so Blessed with safe travels, good health,
and family time on our visit.

The whole vacation was just right! 


Monday in NC

On Monday we went to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. 

Zeek got to pretend he was in a pit crew. 

AND drive a race car simulator in a real race car!

Quite honestly, the women were bored out of our minds
after about the first 30 minutes.  

And by the end of our tour Zeek and you were so tired and crabby 
that Gra had to leak the secret surprise to us so that we could
nap Zeek, or he would have never stayed up long enough to

Jada and Kaila showed up that afternoon
to surprise us with their Mom and Dad, Robin and Duece
AND their new baby brother, Leo!

EVERYONE was thrilled to be together!

Zeek and the two girls had so much fun together.

Zeek even slept in Gra's living room with them.

This didn't stop you and I from watching our
Modern Family episodes before bed! :)


Christmas at Home & in NC

Thursday afternoon was our "Christmas Eve". 

The four of us rode around and looked at Christmas lights.

We also drank shakes and ate french fries.

Then we returned home to snack some more and open the gifts 
under the tree from family and one to another.

Friday morning, we were up and early on our way. 
We drove to Milwaukee and flew to NC, lickety split! 
We were settled and in the hot tub by about 3p their time.

Saturday was the real Christmas Eve, and we had snacks and opened gifts. 

It was a good family bonding night. 
After we opened gifts we all cuddled on the couch 
to watch the video Zeek made for his gift to family.

It was SO good and funny. 

The cooking shows, commercials, infomercials, public service announcements,
and songs made for some great entertainment!

Then we sat together while Zeek read us the book 
that Gra made him of our last visit here.

We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and broke into Gra's 
amazing homemade carrot cake (which you helped make).

Sunday morning, we all went to church together. 
Then we made another Thanksgiving feast! 
Pepere deep fried the turkey, Zeek shaved the carrots, 

You skinned the potatoes, and helped Zeek cut them up. 

Gra did all the rest. :)

There were so many celebrations. 
So many days and events of feasting and gift exchange, 
Christmas music, and warm gatherings with our closest friends and family. 
I couldn't have hoped for a better way to commemorate 
the sacrifice God made in sending His Son as a baby for all of us. 

It was a Merry Merry Christmas!!! :)



It was your first Thanksgiving.

There was lots of cooking resulting in a lot of good food.

There were three days full of friends and family, too.

And after stuffing ourselves full meal after meal,
now you know why we only eat Turkey once a year. :)



If there's one thing that can't over-stay it's welcome in Wisconsin, it's Autumn.
The longer it lasts the later winter begins, 
and not many people will complain about that! :)

This autumn has been long and blessed with warmer days than usual. 

You have been spending more time in the house with
the family, and less teen time in your room this week! :)

It's so nice to have you around.
I loved watching you and Zeek at the table together, 
creating leaf creatures from fallen pressed leaves.

You've been adding to the gratitude tree each day.

And you even spent an evening painting.

I loved adding your colorful piece to our art mantle! 

Although, I'm sure the nice weather will not hold on forever
things seem to be warming up in our home quite nicely! :)

First Live Packer Game!!!

Today, we took you to your first Packer game live at Lambeau Stadium.

Thankfully, we were able to get tickets to sit INdoors,
so we didn't have to freeze outside.

I know that football is not your favorite thing
(it took me about 20 years to start liking it myself)
but it was good to see such a sight, 
and be a part of a live game either way. 

And of course, WE WON!!! :)