Today we picked you up from Silver Lake. 

We were SO excited to see you and meet you face-to-face for the first time. 
I felt like I was bringing home my baby. 

We couldn't get there soon enough! 
We brought flowers and a pink, unicorn, pillow-pet that Zeek selected for you last week. 

After a long drive and much anticipation, they FINALLY announced the group of students! 

I wanted to leave my seat and just take you home. 
But we had to wait for each student to introduce themselves, 
say where they were from and where they would be living for the year in the states. 

You looked so cute! :)

They did a drawing to select a student to receive the sheet that you each signed. 

Then FINALLY we were allowed to take you home! 

But first we went to dinner at Chilis,
where you enjoyed your first ever tortilla chips with salsa!
Oh, this is going to be a GOOD food year. :)

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