Wild West Party

Tonight you had a Wild West party
with your Teen Bible Group.

Every month on the last weeks gathering
they host something different.

You and Ceanna go together every week.

This week you dressed the parts and all.

You had a great time!



Tonight you had a hard day
of planning drama and miscommunication
with one of your good friends. 

Then, your night became even more uncertain
when your other friends couldn't 
figure out what they were doing, either!

Somehow, you took the blame for most of it.

But in the end you spent the night at Dena's house,
and everything worked out fine.

You went cyber bowling!

So fun!



I can't even keep track anymore.
There are so many dances at this school!

You, Almudena, Hashini, and Carlota 
were looking hot tonight! :)

I'm so glad you found these girls.
You're such good friends!