The Beginning

I am feeling that feeling again… someone is coming!!! 

It all began one week ago at the Target Superstore when Zeek asked me a question and I answered him in Spanish!? 
Although I am familiar with the language, I certainly don't talk or think in Spanish. It startled me. 
When I questioned myself as to why this response came so naturally, I was immediately directed to God. 

Before I knew it, I was pushing my cart, smiling ear to ear, filled with an excitement and anticipation I could not explain.

I knew this had to be God's doing, since my husband and I have grown quite comfortable with the idea that we would not be adding anyone to our happy little family of three anytime soon. 

I prayed about it, and after more confirmation I finally shared it with Greg. Much to my surprise, he too loves the idea! 
We spoke with Zeek about it, and even he is excited. 

The three of us talked about who and from where we would look for a student. We all agreed that we’d like to choose a girl from a Spanish speaking country, again. Preferably either Spain or Mexico.

God, have Your way.