Madison WI

We went to Madison to see Emily and kids, 
and to share the WI capital city with you. 

We left on a Friday morning in a mild snow storm 
and arrived there by late morning. 

We ate, the boys played in the basement, 
and then we played board games.

On Saturday, we went to the awesome Children's Museum.

We got to see and play with some really great stuff. 

You couldn't go on anything because of your arm.
But you really enjoyed watching the kids play.

We couldn't get enough of the Museum. 

We all loved it.

The fun was endless.

Eventually, we left to go out to lunch. 

On the way to lunch you got to see a picketting 
and the State Capitol Building for the first time.

We went to Ian's Pizza.

We all ate a giant 21" macaroni and cheese pizza.
it was amazing!

Back at Emily's we were all to exhausted that 
we got right into our pajamas...

the boys watched cartoons,

then they went outside in the freezing cold snow to play
in the dark with their head lamps on.

You napped and rested in our room. 

The boys had a snack and movie.

In the morning we packed, ate, said good bye, and headed home.

We had an awesome time. 

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