Eau Clair Aventures

 Last weekend you had another 
FES adventure through AFS.

You went and stayed with another family
in Eau Clair, WI.

Many other students from the program
stayed with new families in the same city 
at the same time.

You did different things with them all as a group.

One thing you did was ice skate.

And you fell and fractured your elbow!!!

We had to pick you up early and take you home. 
You are being very good natured about it.
You just laughed and said, 
"well, I never broke a bone in the U.S.,
so I guess this is a first for me!"

The doctors decided that you will not have to have a cast.
But you will have restricted movement for the next several weeks.

That means no Gym class for you!!! 
Whooo-hoooo! ;)

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