So there's this boy...

He's SO nice and sweet and
 respectful and friendly and good.

And well, he likes you.


When you found this out, you informed him
that you have a love back home,
and you were not interested in a relationship.

Dennis hoped that maybe, just maybe
you might change your mind after awhile.
Or at least you could be good friends.

So he tried to hang out with you.
You always said, "no". 
When you did say "yes" you would invite everyone you knew 
to join you, so it would be one big fun get together 
with all the friends.

This night, he kind of tricked you.
We're pretty sure that he told your friends 
NOT to join the two of you for the show of lights
at the Botanical Gardens.

Thankfully (for his sake) he was just as promised...
a perfect gentleman FRIEND.

But this Mom is NOT sorry you have a safe, respectful,
Christian, guy friend who can show you around a bit.

We ALL know who makes you're heart beat.

Sarita + Antonio = Forever

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