Wrapping it up in NC

The rest of the time we were in NC we laid low, relaxed, 
hot tubbed, ate and enjoyed our visit. 
Greg flew home to return to work mid week, 
and you, Zeek, and I stayed a few days longer.

Kitty Zeek and Gra made cookies, of course.

Zeek played with his toys.

Zeek and Gra played outside.

You and I sat on the porch and enjoyed the warm sun.

We made lots of cards...

and a great big mess of Gra's office!

And then there were the lakes.

Just up the street from the house there are two small lakes
with wooded trails all the way around each one. 

We all went and walked around them. 
Even the dogs.

We walked around to the dock.

We hung out by the water.

Zeek used his science kit stuff to 
aid in his explorations.

You even got in on the fun with him.

You carried your first spider, ever. 
A daddy long legs. 

We took photos. Of course. 

Gra and Pepere sure loved having us in one of their places. 

We were so Blessed with safe travels, good health,
and family time on our visit.

The whole vacation was just right! 

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