Monday in NC

On Monday we went to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. 

Zeek got to pretend he was in a pit crew. 

AND drive a race car simulator in a real race car!

Quite honestly, the women were bored out of our minds
after about the first 30 minutes.  

And by the end of our tour Zeek and you were so tired and crabby 
that Gra had to leak the secret surprise to us so that we could
nap Zeek, or he would have never stayed up long enough to

Jada and Kaila showed up that afternoon
to surprise us with their Mom and Dad, Robin and Duece
AND their new baby brother, Leo!

EVERYONE was thrilled to be together!

Zeek and the two girls had so much fun together.

Zeek even slept in Gra's living room with them.

This didn't stop you and I from watching our
Modern Family episodes before bed! :)

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