East Coast Tour

Of course, I have no idea what order you saw these things in.
But I wanted to get the pictures in here for your memories.

You spent the last two weeks on an incredible
tour of the east coast with Bello through AFS.

You went to Washington.

You saw the State Capitol.

And the Lincoln Memorial

This is you on the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Washington Monument.

You also went to Disney in Florida!!!! 

This is the Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster.

The parade.

Beauty and the Beast.

The Show.

Magic Kingdom.

Epcot Center


Cinderella Castle

Of course, a little beach time.
(I think you said this was myrtle beach 
which is where my family stays when we 
have our reunion on the beach week
with my Mom and Rick every three years)

Niagara Falls.


Still more. 

Your group.


Good food.

The Statue of Liberty

Pinching the Lady :)

No idea, but I think this is right by ground zero.

Rebuild at ground zero???

Mango on a stick.

NY City

Ticket for the L

I have no idea what this is,
but it looks important. :)

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