First Snow

Today, it snowed for the first time of the year. 

We were so blessed that you were home from school due to 10th grade testing.
I so wanted to be with you for the first snow; your first snow EVER! 
It was such a busy morning in the house, but we dropped everything 
to bundle up and go outside to enjoy the snowfall. 

It was so beautiful and you loved it! 

It was also Apple's first snow.

You and Zeek played outside longer than I did. 
You didn't mind the cold. You didn't even zipper your jacket! :)

Later in the evening we went sledding at the neighbors' house. 
You were surprised when I took out all of the winter gear that you would wear.
You couldn't believe we put all of that on to go outside. 

You loved sledding as well. 

When we got home you were so warm that you couldn't get your snow gear off fast enough. 

It was only 2.7 degrees Celsius. You have never been in such cold. You said it wasn't so bad after all. 

It was a really special day for all of us. We will never forget it! 

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