It's Official!

We’ve decided that we are absolutely going to host a Foreign Exchange Student for next school year, and I am SO excited about it!!!

I am fondly remembering so many things about Isabel five years ago, our relationship with her, how she taught us and changed us, and how we were able to influence her life. So beautiful that God would Bless us again this way!

I contacted the schools this morning and spoke with some counselors and district representatives to learn more about the best way to go about it this time around.
I learned that our school district does not effect the placement of Foreign Exchange Students, so we are free to select a regional representative of our choice.

I contacted Deb, a woman who was referred to me by Joe W. of BP High School. Joe has worked with Deb in the placement of FES not only through the school but personally, as well. Joe spoke highly of Deb and made me comfortable with contacting her as a starting point.

I got a hold of Deb on her cell phone. She is on vacation out of state but made time to talk with me a bit about the program. She is very nice. I e-mailed her our information and she is sending us our applications and contacting us again on Thursday!!!

SO awesome! 

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