Hurry Up to Wait!

Today we were able to look at Sara’s entire application, including photos! She is so beautiful, and I loved seeing her handwriting for the first time.

Her family is so sweet. I feel anxious and sad for her to have to leave them for so long. On the other hand, I’m SO excited that she is coming HERE to live with US!!!!

Whooooo-hooooooo! Now, we have to wait up to three weeks for the school to receive her paper work and approve of her placement at Bay Port High. She will not know that a family has chosen her until the papers are signed, received, and approved of by FES. It’s hard to think of her NOT KNOWING when we know.

Once everything is final we will be allowed to contact her and begin communicating with her until she arrives in August!!!! 

Too exciting. 
I need to go jump up and down a little. 

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